Professionally organize transportation railway transport for any oil products. We transport materials railway transport in accordance with the norms and standards of Russian and international law, which ensures complete safety of transportation of petroleum products.

Dalvep offers transportation of a wide range of oil products in various directions.


Cargoes are carried by tankers of the total deadweight of 247,500 tons and non-self-propelled oil tank barges of the total freight carrying capacity of 73,455 tons.


The MIXED NAVIGATION (river-sea) FLEET carries cargoes:

  • from river terminals of European Russia to transit locations north- (Saint-Petersburg, Vysotsk) and southward (Kerch, Caucasus) (during the navigation period);

  • from Russian ports of the Azov, the Black, the Caspian Seas to foreign ports of the Black, the Caspian, the Mediterranean, the Red, the Northern, and the Baltic Seas, as well as between foreign ice-free ports (all year round).

During the navigation period the INLAND NAVIGATION FLEET carries cargoes:

  • from river terminals of European Russia to seaports of the Azov-Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and Baltic Sea basins;

  • between river ports of European Russia.

Products delivery by railway has been one of the most popular and demanded, and The only disadvantage of rail cargo transportation is the impossibility of cargo delivery at the final destination due to lack of approach lines.


With “Dalvep Shipping and Storage” Company this problem may be forgotten. We will receive the cargo from the shipper and deliver it to the load station with our own vehicles. When the train arrives we arrange cargo delivery from the station to the Customer’s warehouse. 


Development of logistic schemes of transportation of petroleum products - is one of the most difficult tasks of transport logistics. It is necessary to take into account the specific properties of the goods, choose the right capacity and create an optimal schedule of vehicles movement. This requires precise logistics system, fleet profile and a great experience.


Professional Transport Logistics Company “DALVEP” offers transportation services for different types of petroleum products and lubricants. 

The priority criterion in the work is responsible for the commitments. 


Professional work of dispatchers and drivers will make it possible to solve the most difficult problem of transport logistics.


The result of the analysis is to evaluate the quality, which is derived from a comparison of baseline values with the indicators of the requested products.


Quality control of petroleum products is impossible without accurate and timely analysis.


Our laboratory allows you to quickly analyze incoming storage and dispensed to consumers of petroleum products, as well as to carry out continuous


We also assist our clients both buyer and sellers to purchase and sell High-quality oil products at affordable prices, our proposal to you. Also by purchasing high-quality oil products, you increase the operating life of the equipment.

When buying oil producer issued a passport, indicating the quality of products and compliance with regulatory guidelines.


The structure of our facility consists of reservoirs storage with an estimated capacity of up to 640 000 m3. We carry out the programming, reception- release of petroleum products. Each tank is equipped with facilities in accordance with industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system, allows us to remotely monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).

Entrusting the storage of petroleum products to our company, you receive a wide selection of individual fuel storage tanks; no mixing of different types of petroleum products by supplying individual fuel via dedicated pipelines to the loading terminal for petroleum products.




Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities.



The terminal can provide a completely segregated transshipment of 3 types of light oil products and 3 types of black oil products.


The terminal produces a material stable earnings stream and significantly enhances our logistics capabilities for the transportation of refined petroleum products exported.


Estimated capacity of the Terminal producing 30 million tons of oil annually: 20 million tons of black oil products 10 million tons of light oil products.


The geographic focus of DALVEP covers all major Russian ports of the Far East, the Black Sea and the North-Western regions, river ports of the Volga-Don basin and river basin of the Amur and Lena.

Priority of point for the storage of oil cargo is are our cooperation with the ports:

  • Novorossiysk Commercial Port

  • Nakhodka Commercial Port

  • Yeisk Trade Port

  • Tuapse Commercial Port

  • Seaport of Primorsk

  • Murmansk Commercial Port

  • Port of Rotterdam Authority



Oil depots are usually situated close to oil refineries or in locations where marine tankers containing products can discharge their cargo. Some depots are attached to pipelines from which they draw their supplies and depots can also be fed by rail, by barge and by road tanker (sometimes known as “bridging”). An oil depot (sometimes called a tank farm, installation or oil terminal) is an industrial facility for the storage of oil and/or petrochemical products and from which these products are usually transported to end users or further storage facilities. An oil depot typically has tank-age, either above ground or underground, and gantries (framework) for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles (such as barges) or pipelines.


The management is divided into several sectors which including:

1.Pollution prevention, contingency planning, and spill response
2.Operations (including safe working practices)
3.Operating procedure development and regulatory compliance
4. Miscellaneous maintenance for support of the facility
5.Emergency response
6.Administrative systems for inventory management and order processing.



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